Book trailer: The Elite of the Weak

Here’s my book trailer for

The Elite of the Weak

In the trailer I say that slavery is worse than ever. Slavery has been awful since the first person was enslaved, so why do I say that it’s worse now?

One of the reasons that it’s worse now is not just the sheer numbers of those who are trafficked, including the children, it’s the extent that people go to as they defy law and ignore their conscience. It reminds me of the state of Israel during the days of Hosea, Amos and Jeremiah. I’m so glad that people are speaking out about this issue. Legislators, too, are writing laws that make it tougher on perpetrators. But bodies and souls are still being sold at an alarming rate as the merchants are finding ways to circumvent the laws. Inform yourself (visit my links page), write your congressperson or senator, and tell as many people who will listen: this should not be happening!

The paperback of The Elite of the Weak is now available through CreateSpace.

The e-book is available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook.

God bless you.

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2 thoughts on “Book trailer: The Elite of the Weak

  1. Sarah Tipton says:

    Love the trailer! This is the first one I’ve ever watched ;-)

    And my kids loved the song.

    Only two months to wait . . .

  2. […] was published in March. Precarious Yates has a December 2 release date for her 2010 NaNoWriMo story, The Elite of the Weak, and is the first book in the Revelation Special Ops series. Her series is in the YA (Young Adult) […]

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